The New MG HS?

This image of a white car undergoing cold weather testing display some interesting features with clear possible interpretations for the UK. The white car (VX68 EGC - a Birmingham area issued registration), has more complete detailing such as proper tailpipe chrome trim ends and production spec wheels, which points to a production ready car. The most obvious observation is that it is a right-hand drive vehicle indicating that these will come to the UK. Next is the return (at least for the UK) of twinned visible exhaust tailpipes, something that has always been a small statement of a sporting aspect despite not giving any more power. In the Rover 75 we saw hidden exhaust tailpipes and the MG ZT had not only visible tailpipes (mostly twin pipe) but with cosmetic alloy heat shields around the
edge of the exhaust, cut outs in rear bumpers. Diesels didn't follow this as type approvals required the tailpipes to point downwards toward the ground. Engine wise, the existing 1.5 Turbo from GS is expected as it's already fully European emission compliant and delivers a not unreasonable 165bhp, but many other markets have a 2.0 turbo engine that delivers an even more respectable 220bhp. However, this has not yet been European compliant, and if it was, then that would put a bit of sporting into SUV. Looking at the online tax check facility, it shows the car was registered in November 2018 and manufactured in 2018, but no other details are available.